It was a pleasant 일 for our 가장 좋아하는 늑대 pack. Kate and Humphrey have sprung up a litter of nine pups in addition to the ones they already have. From oldest to youngest, the pups were named: Bo, Clint, K.J., Lil' Hump, Claire, Bell, Tess, Jazz, and Swagger.

Three months later....

Those same pups have progressed so quickly since their birth (as all 늑대 do.) They have began to run amok all over the United 늑대 Pack. They have driven their mother Kate crazy. Their father, Humphrey tried to settle them down many times, to no avail. Thier older siblings, Claudette, Smokey, and Runt have taken the pups underwing and have helped them develop individual personalities.


A dark brown 늑대 with blue eyes. Bo is the oldest of his litter. Like his oldest brother, Smokey, Bo views himself as the"leader' of his litter. He tries to gain his siblings' subordination, with no success. He always tried the hardest to gain Smokey's approval.


A 늑대 with a lighter brown with green eyes. Clint serves as a rival to Bo, and yet surprisingly, he's also his right-hand wolf. Growing up, being born right after Bo, Clint always felt that he should be right 다음 to Bo. No matter the situation.


A blonde male 늑대 blue eyes. Originally named after his mother since birth, Kate Junior has never really liked his name. He always tries to get all the 늑대 in his pack to refer to him 의해 his initials. He is also among the most intelligent in his litter.


A grey male 늑대 with brown eyes. Like his older brother, Kate Junior, he too was named after their parents, and would rather go 의해 initials. L.H. (Little Humphrey) is a fun-loving, and wise-cracking 늑대 who has a slight appreciation for poetry.


A grey female 늑대 with blue eyes. The fifth pup born and the oldest daughter in their litter. Claire is a she-wolf of grace, finesse, and perfection (in her own eyes.) She tries her best to gain the approval of their oldest sister, Claudette. She also loves to be noticed 의해 the younger male 늑대 in her pack, much to the annoyance of her older brothers.

A blonde female 늑대 with brown eyes. True to her name, she has superb 노래 voice, sounding like the musical instrument she was named after. Her relationship with Claire is very similar to that of Bo and Clint.


A female 늑대 with hazel-brown 모피 and brown eyes. Tess has an explorative mind. Despite her curiousity though, she possess an original intelligence that rivals even her older brother, Kate Junior. She plays the role as Jazz's voice of reason.


a hazel-brown furred female 늑대 with blue eyes. Jazz has a spirit apart from her older siblings. She is very outgoing, rebellious, and brave. Jazz tries harder than any of her older siblings to hear the voice of Swagger their youngest brother, such as tickling him to make him laugh, and attempting to strike conversations with him to hear him talk, all of which to no avail. Despite this, she continues to show interest towards him and is determined gain his attention.


The youngest of Kate and Humphrey's nine-pup litter. Swagger is a pup that came out completely different from any 늑대 in his entire family 또는 pack. He was born with 모피 greener than fresh grass. His eyes do not have any pupils like his family, but are rather two glowing blue orbs that shine at all times, yet he is not blind. He knows all too well that despite their kind acts of his older siblings, he will not be fully accepted 의해 them. He has since secluded himself from his family. Only being seen at meals and bedtime. He has developed an interest shiny objects and smaller creatures. He has developed the habit of secreting himself from anyone, even going as far as to remain mute. He fails to recognize and accept himself until he is noticed 의해 his older brother Runt, who helped him realize he is meant for something and he is loved. Since then, Runt and Swagger have secretly spent a substantial amount of time together.