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posted by Omega90
 Chief Petty Officer John-117
Chief Petty Officer John-117
"3...2...1...DRO-"was the last thing I heard before waking up in the ground."Trin,got a lock on my position and relay it to the others."I ordered my suit's internal AI,they were smart,but lacked emotion and humanity,I had only seen 1 smart AI in my life and that's it.Hopefully I live long enough to see the 일 when all SPARTANS have one."Chief!Chief!Were are you!?"a familiar voice cried out,I was half buried in the ground from impact,but surround indicators and all other systems were functioning."His signal is coming from over there,and what d'ya know,he's six feet under.Let's just hope it hasn't come to that yet,not on our first op."a 초 voice said.They were my team,or two of them,but I hope to see if it's 더 많이 than two.As I start trying to move,all the dirt on 상단, 맨 위로 of me is getting pushed aside 의해 two SPARTANS of Alpha-Pack,and now it's time to hear the news."Chie-I mean,John,it's great you're alive man,we thought 당신 had been buried dead,because 당신 know...six feet under" Lux said in an out of breath voice. "It's ok,we'll all make it,let's just pray the others aren't KIA 또는 MIA." I replied to my comrades,we started moving to the objective,two black-suited pairs of MJOLNIR Mark IV armor moving in the distance,the rest of the team,and out of all the team,I was the only one with a different color...green,just like our experience in the field."Maia,any news from your end?"I asked our medic of the commlink."No sir,just recovered these three and heading to the rally point,over."she answered on the other end of the line,all we had were person-to-person comms,the rebel forces here had jammers galore."Now might be a good time to introduce the team 당신 didn't greet before we were blown outta the sky." Maia messaged,I hadn't acknowleged all the SPARTANS,and now I know how we got down here. "SPARTAN 267,Janice,I'm the team infiltrator." a female voice buzzed over the comm. "SPARTAN 351,Sam, I'm our teams Tech-head" another voice buzzed. "You already know me,SPARTAN 295,Curt,The team's designated marksman."the last SPARTAN buzzed on the line,that was all of us,just 7 SPARTANS in Alpha-Pack,we were said to get a couple new recruits if we made it,and I was going to see that through.
After 1 klick marched,we came to a stop,something wasn't right about what we heard up ahead,we had no time to get sidetracked,but we recon'd anyway. "The UNSC has found us,we shot down a cargo shuttle snooping around our radar,but no cargo in it." a rebel communicated through a VidLink,it was sold UNSC tech,but they got it working,how? "Team 2,you flank right,Curt and I will watch from the ridge,Jet 당신 go with them,they'll need a fifth man." I ordered,we needed to see what was going on,it might be crucial to the UNSC's security. "Roger Chief,moving out,and Curt...don't hit any of us on accident,that time in basic hurt,this time I will mess 당신 up."Jet complied.This had to be well coordinated to carry this out.But as soon as everyone was carrying out the objectives,I caught something in my HUD,a UNSC officer tag.Then it came together,a man in green came up to the rebel leader of that post and handed him credits,he paid for the secret to be kept,but it won't be that way for long,not on my watch.So I snapped a frame on him and the rebel,scans on this traitor came up in results of UNSC databases,he was a scientist who worked on prototype weaponry,he even designed the MAC 대포 of the starship in orbit,things were getting intense,and if he wanted to,he could overload it from any connection-based UNSC terminal,that wasn't going to happen,and it will not. "Curt,you have any det. rounds 또는 gas foils?" I asked him. "Yeah,why Chief?" he asked. "We have a new target..." I answered,just then a call came in from the ship,straight from the Captain. "SPARTAN 117,you will stand down,he is a valuable member of our espionage team,we had Beta-Pack and Claw-Pack take out the jammers in order to relay this message,DO NOT OPEN FIRE,HE IS SABOTAGING THEM!" the Captain ordered,was I about to disobey orders to see if I was wrong 또는 not?Or will I stand down and wait to see if he is who the Cap. says. "Curt,stand down,just observe,order came from the top." I ordered. "Alpha-Pack is to continue mission,our other teams will take this over." the Cap. messaged "UNSC Blue Moon,out." the transmission ended. "SPARTANS,move out!" I ordered through the comm,whatever the reason we need aespionage unit,I will never know,but when this op is done,I'll do some data digging in the databases.This is a problem for another time,in another place,so let's keep going...
 Chief and the SPARTANS of Alpha-Pack
Chief and the SPARTANS of Alpha-Pack
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Song: "Heaven is a Place on Earth" 의해 Belinda Carlisle This is but one of many songs that I've heard on the radio at work and liked in the past five months. I finally make a video with this song, two months after first hearing it.
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words can't describe the sheer awfulness of this 1933 atrocity!
posted by Daria3
I happened to watch a clip of A&O3 trying to decide on clips that will work for a video I'm making right now and I have one thing to say: holy crap, Nars voice is DEEP. I didn't remember it being so deep when I watched A&O3 back in March. It almost reminds me of how deep Xerxes' (300) voice is.

Makes me wonder if that is really what his actor sounds like 또는 if they modified his voice in post production to be that deep. It could be possible that it's his real voice, though, as George "Johnny 3 Tears" Ragan's (of Hollywood Undead) voice is natural deep, deeper than Nars' voice even.

But either way, how deep Nars' voice is shocked me right away. I even watched other clips just to be sure I wasn't hearing things.
posted by ThreeLitllePups
Hi guys ^^ well I decided to change my stories (name and the plot), they are still 늑대 but in real life. A world of wolfs but they have the same life like us... I think 당신 are understand what I mean. It's the 다음 of Jasper's story but totally reformed.

Runt's family live in a house near Jasper city, they have an view on the stream and the mountains. Simple house : two floors, an small garden and the necessary. Matt live in downtown, Terra work in a electronic company for the defense of the countrie with Hutch as director. Runt works in a bank and Magril works in the Hospital, their girls...
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