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posted by Ninano1998
Allison is my BFF and this is the story of her six grade 년 ^^LOL *names are changed for privacy
it started with a guy that she hated. then in January(conincedentily after her first visit to the ortho.) she fell in 사랑 for the first time. they must've given her some crazy gas, u know for surgeries. she fell in 사랑 with the guy she formely hated.he was dating a crazy stalker possesive girl who he had been dating for a long time( 6 months). she told a girl named Julie* who she was just starting to become 프렌즈 with. Julie cannot keep secrets. he soon found out. after a long time, she became...
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Ninano: before 당신 started liking him cody, how did 당신 feel about him?
Allison: I hated him.. but i still thought he was hot. that was my first thought about him.
Ninano: oo.... well anyways what did 당신 think of Alli before 당신 liked cody?
Allison: i actully wanted to be her friend which is scary. i thought she was cool and wondered how she could 날짜 a jerk like Cody.
Ninano: how did 당신 feel about her after 당신 started to like Cody?
Allison: I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ninano: such strong thoughts..... anyways um when Cody asked 당신 to be his girlfriend how did 당신 feel?
Allison: Happy, excited.
Ninano: Thats it?
Allison: um i knew Alli was going to hate me even 더 많이 than she already did.
Ninano: ouch um 당신 went on a 날짜 with him, right?
Allison: no, my retartded mom didnt let me.
Ninano: didnt he over the phone ask 당신 to 키스 him?
Allison: yes 당신 were there 당신 shouldve known.
Ninano; thank 당신 thats all for now.