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 Kendall Hart played 의해 Alicia Minshew
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This All My Children 사진 contains 초상화, 얼굴, 근접 촬영, 얼굴 만, 세로, and 헤드샷. There might also be 매력, 섹시한 레이저, 호소, 섹시 함, 섹시 한, 피부, 스킨 톤, 누드 컬러, 부분 벌거 벗음, 묵시적 누드, 부분적인 벌거 벗음, 묵시적인 누드, 묵시적인된 누드, 부분적인 벌거숭이, and skintone.

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This is an All My Children and House crossover 팬 fiction I do not own All My Children it belongs to ABC and House belongs to FOX. Also AMC 팬 in this story David does not know about his child with Amanda. House 팬 Cuddy is not with Lucas and doesn’t have Rachel. Sorry if this disappoints anyone I hope 당신 will still read and enjoy the story. Reviews are love. Enjoy!

All My Doctors

Chapter 1: New Head of Cardiology

Dr. Lisa Cuddy sat in her office at eight o’clock Monday morning quietly reviewing over some notes and other paperwork. She was very anxious about seeing her newest employee...
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