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posted by AlexRIder10
Alex and 늑대 started to 옮기기 back to the tail of the Boeing 747 where the back leads to the front. They went inside the cargo hold taking careful steps. They caught sight of two 아프가니스탄 사람, 아프가니스탄 looking men in the hold talking, not in English but a language. Luckily there was cargo boxes and luggage everywhere and hid themselves. They stop and listened to what they said. 늑대 then said “they are talking about what they should do with the hostages.”

Alex looked up at him and said “how do 당신 know what they were talking about? I thought 당신 went to Iraq not Afghan”

“I was at Iraq for a month...
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Full Movie Stormbreaker
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anthony horowitz
posted by JustaNutherKh
"What the hell do 당신 want me?" Alicia Screamed as soon as she woke up.She woke up paranoid. She was in a completely Cleaned off Concrete room. The only peice of furniture was the chair she was tied to. Other then that, A camera, probably out of focus, a Sink, a bunk, and a storm drain big enough to fit one of the men that kidnapped her. She looked at her Abductors. The one with watery blue eyes smiled, then Squatted down to her height. His fat body wrinkling in the process."Because we heard about you." Alicia struggled with the ropes, when really, She was getting the seret pocket 칼, 나이프 from...
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