I'm ready to be a parent, she's not.

My girlfriend and I have only been together for 2 years, but I’m ready to be a parent. I just feel like it’s time to have that kind of experience, 당신 know? I don’t really see a problem with it and it just feels like the most natural 다음 step we should take.

I mean we’re both in our late 20s, we both have jobs and enough savings, plus we’re madly in love. For some reason, she just doesn’t seem to want children. Does it have something to do with how Colombian women are raised? Maybe she wants to get married first, but we were never the most traditional couple. How do I open up the topic with her without getting a negative response? I realize it’s a sensitive topic for her, but I really feel like having a kid together is the 다음 best thing to do. Please give me some advice!

 rtaylor28 posted over a year ago
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