My sister is 6, almost 7, months pregnant

She has really bloated up and she looks like she might give birth soon. She’s living with me and my wife while her husband, whom she met at a marriage tour, is processing papers and documents so that my sister and the child could go and live with him soon. Long story short, I’m the one taking care of my sister together with my wife. My wife and I both have no experience with pregnancy and labor since we do not have a child of our own yet. Just wondering if there are any specific preparations that we must do before she reaches 8 또는 9 months? Any suggestions 또는 조언 will be appreciated.

 kenan78 posted over a year ago
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Karoii-chan said:
I'm truly sorry, I can't help 당신 much in this! But I'll just give some suggestions which I think would help...

Get your sister to eat a good portion of fruits and vegetables each day. If she's fussy in eating, then make her drink 과일 주스 (preferably home-made) in order to replenish her energy instead.

Don't let her squat down low too frequently and don't let her do strenuous work (e.g lifting heavy things, pushing heavy things, etc.)

Give her plenty of time to rest and de-stress herself. Massages, maybe?

And... uh.....!

당신 should keep in mind that there are some 아기 who're born premature. God-willing, your sister's child will complete the entire 9 months, but it's better to have some preparation...

Get your sister some loose, easy clothes that would make her feel better while giving birth and, uh, maybe even some small 슈츠 for the infant? And blankets... diapers, pacifiers?

Not all women are able to breastfeed their child, so just in case, 당신 can buy some baby 우유 formulae and baby bottles... I suppose?

I took help from the Internet!

Honestly speaking, 당신 guys should consult a proper doctor!


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posted over a year ago 
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