is it a threat if someone tells 당신 that they are going to slam your head against a sink even if they are joking?

 picmananastasia posted over a year ago
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조언 답변

Karoii-chan said:
I've heard worse coming from my younger sister's lips and she's only 7. xD

Hmm... it depends, really. What kind of voice was the person saying the sentence in? If the voice tone was noticeably light-hearted, joking and warm - then it might've been just for laughs.

If the tone was deathly-serious, humourless and straightforward - then the person might have some serious anger issues. 또는 당신 might've done something that really riled them up.

There are many things to consider....

How close the person is to you, whether they've said similar things to 당신 before, whether they actually ever did any of those 이전 things, what their history of violence/crimes/behaviours is...

당신 can confide in someone close to 당신 and then see what 조언 they can offer.

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posted over a year ago 
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