A few weeks 이전 it was reported that the FX hit American Horror Story was going to be getting a major face-lift. “Face-lift” still sounds like an understatement considering that the vast majority of the starring cast is not returning for the 초 season. What’s stranger is that this was not due to contract disputes 또는 creative difference, but it was planned.

For all of the cast it lost, it was also confirmed that Jessica Lange and Evan Peters would be coming back but starring in completely different roles. According to Entertainment Weekly, the cast is going in an off-the-wall direction. Reports have surfaced that the show’s creators have approached and worked out a deal for Maroon 5 front-man and The Voice host Adam Levine to 가입하기 the cast.

While the producers have kept a tight lid on the upcoming 초 season, it has been exposed that the series will 옮기기 back to the East Coast and will feature an all-new tale. Furthermore, Levine’s character will play one half of a couple called “The Lovers.”

On paper, I have to say I’m a little reserved to pour on 사랑 for the decision. I’m not denying that Levine can act, as the man obviously is a showman of the highest order; but it’s going to be tricky to throw him into such an established show. Content-wise, AHS is intensely dark, and judging from the lyrical lightness of most Maroon 5 songs, it’s unclear whether Levine can dig to those deranged emotional depths. Regardless, it’s definitely interesting news.