I wasn't going to make it. I was woosy and I wasn't even on stage yet it was 4 hours away from the performance.I felt my hands moist with sweat and my breath became uneven. Not to mention I grew 더 많이 fidgety 의해 the minute. "Oh why did I do this" I thought. I was way too shy to be in front of the class now I was going to be in front of the whole school and our parents. I should have known better the only reason I was doing this was because my mom said it was 연기 또는 oboe. She just wanted me out of the house to be with her boyfriend Tim. I should of chose Oboe but against my better judgement I chose acting. Why? Really I don't know why at the moment and maybe I never did. I wanted to quit but I had the lead and I didn't want to disapoint Mr. Grant.My light brown hair started to stick to my sweaty brow and I knew there was no way out of this. I couldn't drop out that's just what Emma wanted me to do and I couldn't let my crush Darrel down he was counting on me and maybe he was the reason I was so scared because in the play we have to 키스 and I knew this would be both of our first kisses so I was fearful I'd screw it up. Emma had a crush on him too who could blame her he was gorgeous with his pale skin black hair and green eyes. She was pretty too with her deep sea blue eyes and perfect blonde hair. I wasn't dropping out but I didn't see any way to go on stage without fainting in front of everyone. I was a goner I knew it.