Absolutely Fabulous Turning 40! Eddie and Bart Simpson

beagledog posted on Nov 23, 2015 at 04:43PM
Do You remember the episode where Eddie was sulking in bed because she turned 40? I remember at the time thinking --"geez 40, I would not be bringing that up if i were turning 40". 40 --when you first turn it--- "seems" like a big deal. Darlings, sweeties, (I like to talk like that now--sweetie darling) guess who else is now turning 40? It seems just so impossible.......... but yes...yes it is so.... Bart Simpson. If Bart Simpson were aging correctly he would but nearing his 40th Birthday. Putting in proper perspective, Eddie doesn't "seem" so "old". Bart Simpson turning 40.... why it is like that song goes "we've only just begun to live" (karen carpenter).

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