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Chapter 1: The unexpected

Have 당신 ever had one of those dreams, were 당신 try and run fast but 당신 just keep getting slower, well that's the dream I was having. This is the most strangest dream I have ever had. I was being chased 의해 two wannabe snobs from school, Rachel was the leader from between them, who was tall with black hair tied up in to a curly mini style afro like a thick puff ball at the back of her head. she also had long, sleek legs built for running. Along side her was her follower Jessica, who was slightly shorter with long sandy blond waves down to her waist as well as having 캐러멜, 캐 러 멜 skin and catlike green eyes. It was amazing In my dream how they were just hoping over fences as if they weren't even there it was as if most of the time they were flying, but doing so they were inching there way closer and closer to me. Me on the other hand being so clumsy tripped over as I attempted to climb over a fence and made the the whole chase easy for them. I stumbled to my feet and tried to get my balance back, but as usual was to slow and the terror twins- although they looked nothing like each other but it was almost scary how they acted so much like each other- grabbed me so they pinched my skin- which unfortunately bruised like a peach. “were do 당신 think your going weed?” -that was Rachel stupid little name for me because she thought I was as skinny as a weed. Rachel laughed, “ye were do 당신 think your going weed, stick , think?” Jessica coped although Rachel giving her a dirty look at her trying to give a funny, joke. That were so not funny. “so were are 당신 going?” Rachel repeated while tugging on my top. Then she looked at me, I could almost see something evil swirling in her eyes, she gave a little witch cackle, she was really annoying me now with her stupid laugh just the way she was ugh, there were no words for her. I kicked her, which sent her going backwards. While I had the chance I sprang up and began to run but “AAARRGH” Rachel screeched while she jumped on me at such a perfect angle -another reason I didn't like, she was to perfect- that it sent me toppling and rolling and I finally stopped with a thud of Jessica's foot slammed into my side. A shadow cast over me and as I looked up Rachel rolled me over and pined me down. “I was going to let 당신 go, but now I'm going to give 당신 what 당신 deserve” Rachel leaned very closely to my neck and whispered “sorry if this hurts, but I don't care”. From the bad view from the corner of me eye I thought I saw her grow a few inches taller and, OMG FANGS! She winked at me ....”aahhhhh!!!!”

I woke up screaming, gasping for air as I tried to recover from my bad nightmare not dream..-I inhaled as much air as my lung would allow. I sat up in my 침대 still gasping for air, after I had got my self together I was still feeling a little shocked and shaken from my dream.
Once I had myself under control I checked the time on my stupid 침대 side clock, that my grandma had given me for my 13th birthday,” I hate it, its what 당신 give a three 년 old not a thirteen 년 old” I told my mum after my party because I didn't want anybody and I do mean anybody to see it; I hide it when my 프렌즈 come over; my mum thought it looked nice but it was 심장 shaped and bright pink, with plastic stick-on multicoloured flowers; I had already pop a bunch of in a attempt to make it look better but doesn't seem to be working- well slightly. I slumped back into my 베개 finding out it was only two in the morning, although after about half an 시간 I realised I couldn't sleep, so I started pacing.
I could hear flutters outside my window “uhhh!” there was a bat flying around out there, as soon as it heard me it gave me a side glance, then carried on on its 'all 당신 can eat buffet of bugs'. It was nice and peaceful to just look outside, the sky was almost black but surprisingly I could only count 6 stars and in pretty sure there are supposed to be 더 많이 then that.
I was leaning on the widow sill feeling drowsy “hhhuuuhh” I yawned, every time I blinked it would get slower and slower “hhuh” I gasp at the shock of an old woman out side. She looked suspicious I thought to my self. She just kept stopping and looking around, I backed up and hide behind the curtain so I could still see her- I have to admit it is a bit stalkerish- hopefully she wouldn't be able to see me. The old lady finally stopped to a halt, she was intriguing , she just stood there motionless. All of a sudden the old ladies skin started to ripple and her 본즈 began to shift and 옮기기 with it, she was growing, straitening up the hump on her back, she dropped her walking stick. she gave a gagging noise so vile it made my stomach churn. then a snarl broke through her lips to revel the extending canines still growing longer and as sharper the any needle I had seen, finally they just stopped grow at an amazing length of about 2 inches. The old lady was still for only 2 초 then she clenched her fists so tight that I saw a thin, dark red line of blood- which somehow didn't look quite right, to dark 또는 to thick. As soon as a blood drop touched the ground she straitened her fingers showing her new growing claws appear just like her canines, grown longer and almost as sharp. She growled and hissed then looked up past were I was and towards the bat that was still at its 'all 당신 can eat buffet'. She was still growling, 'whoosh' she leapt of the ground at an impossible high that just became possible, grabbed the bat in mid-air and got back to earth again, still on her feet. She looked at the bat which was squealing and flapping about, the old lady gave an amused expression, laughed, then bit the bat, which squealed once 더 많이 then flopped motionless as the old lady sucked its blood until its body was dry and as some people would say 'it was skin and bone.'. The bat was very small now and I think the old lady new that to, she looked around for somewhere to throw 또는 hide it but she went with the most disgusting option, she through it in her mouth and swallowed it whole from the looks of it. I couldn't look any 더 많이 I closed my eyes for a while, but when I opened them she was shrinking her claws and teeth were going back to normal and her back looking painful arched over and formed her hump back once again causing her to collapse on the floor, she picked up her walking stick and got back to her feet. She was normal again; if I can call her that, although she had a painful expression on her face.. Hold on I cant believe that I'm taking this so well, am I imagining all this? Was that a dream? I looked out side but the lady was gone or... wasn't even there. What's wrong with me I thought. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, sight then opened my eyes. “aahh!” the old lady was back and looking at me, I stumbled back in the shock, tripped over some 책 and hit my head of the floor; that's going to hurt in the morning if not sooner. I got back onto my feet, now what should I do I thought, TAP! TAP! TAP!, there was some thing banging at my window; now that really freaked me out. I ran to my mom's room but there was no one there. I ran down the stairs as fast I could in case whatever was tapping on my window got in.
I got to the 부엌, 주방 and I could no longer hear the taping but now that was the least of my worries, in front of me was my mum sucking on a raw stake looking like the old lady but different she, my mum was the same hight but she had the same long gleaming blood covered fangs with the same long claws but she had red eyes which swirled like a pool of blood. As soon as my mum saw me she dropped the stake which landed with a thud splashing blood all over the floor and any thing a meter around it. My mum never seemed 더 많이 scary. She walked towards me but I took a step back resulting in her to stop. This thing although it looks like my mum can't be my mum