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posted by AislingYJ
A/N: Just a 랜덤 little depressing songfic I decided to write.
Pairing/fandom: None. This is freestanding (although it could apply to Young Justice. 또는 anything really)
Warnings: Nothing sexual 또는 violent, but it is dark and rather depressing.
Rating: T, just because it's so dark.
Song: link 의해 Red

I watch this city burn
These dreams like ashes float away
Your voice I never heard
Only silence...

She struggled to her feet, only to find herself collapsing to the ground once more, toppled 의해 the crippling smoke surrounding her. The overpowering smell of smoldering life filled her nostrils, wafting up...
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Thane paced around his room. He just wanted to 펀치 something. He began to mutter to himself and curse under his breath. He heard a knock at his door, but he was surprised to see the new girl at his door. Thane didn't know what to say to her, but she invited herself right in.

"Pretty impressive power," she said quietly.

"Thanks, it's 더 많이 of a curse," Thane muttered. "I don't mean to be rude, but what do 당신 want?"

"I came to see if 당신 were okay," she said sheepishly. She walked over to his 침대 and sat on the edge. "Why would 당신 say your power is a curse?"

"Because it is! And….I'm fine,...
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Thane sat at his usual spot at the table; grim as usual. He combed through his sandy blonde hair with his fingers. He was trapped in a whirlwind of thought. His normal tendencies to suck the souls from all the women he slept with no longer seemed relevant to do so. He was after anything that moved. Hell, even some of his new teammates had helped relieve him whenever they noticed him out of sorts. He felt ashamed; he no longer was the same Grim he used to be. He was growing wimpier 일 의해 일 and his confidence was draining. In the inside, he was still the half-demonic prince of Death, but on...
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posted by BloodyMascara_
Rated M. Mature Audiences only.
Contains sexual content-Rape

Please read responsibly.

The young girl tucked her twilight hair behind her ear, her eyes an array of blues and greens. Her breath was visible in the cold, and unforgiving winter air. Her arms hooked in the standard black backpack straps, holding it in front of her.
"Bur... It's cold out here." She whispered to herself. She heard a click, and cold metal pressed against her ear.
"Don't scream, 또는 this bullet blows your brains, malenʹkaya devochka." The girl froze, breathing heavily, thoughts flashing through her mind. She couldn't...
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He leaned against the birck 벽 that lined down the alley way, the puddles rippled as the raindrops fell from the sky and smacked its way on the ground. The dark 후드 pulled over his head created a shadow that covered his upper features, his lips had a slight pout as he listened to the rain around him . “ Early much? “ a voice spoke out, he turned his head and stood up regularly uncrossing his arms and spoke out back “ early? We agreed we would meet here at six “. He sighed “ sorry but the Allpine woods aren’t exactly that close”, he looked at his companion still “ have there...
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posted by GlitterPuff
Okay! So this is literally only a paragraph because I wrote it in study hall and never did anything with it...... sorry!!! Okay and ................ now!

The night sky was dark, no stars shone bright. The only light that glistened on the lake was the moon, shining brightly in the night sky. I walked on the pathway, a few feet away from the lake, looking at the trees as they danced in the soft breeze. It was cold, so cold that it started to snow. I pulled the 후드 of my 재킷, 자 켓 over my head and crossed my arms in front of my chest. The snowflakes fell into the lake and cause ripples to appear. As the ripples increased, the reflection of the moon look disoriented in the lake.