So 당신 wanna make a character, eh? A character that actually seems like a real person, as opposed to a lump? (or whatever bad, unrealistic characters seem like) Well that’s great.

No really, that is great. Characters should be 3D, they should have layers, thoughts, feelings, motivations; basically they’re people, only fictional. 당신 probably know a lot about character development already (if not, look it up) but here’s one 더 많이 way to make your character seem real: quirks. Real people are weird, quirky; they have little habits that they find themselves doing, whether conscious 또는 not, and good 3D characters do too. How to go about giving your characters some quirks? Well the first step is to think about the people all around you. Yourself, your friends, family, peers, that 랜덤 guy who took your order at McDonalds the other day, everyone has little things that they do. Granted, 당신 don’t want to base your character all on one person (well 당신 might, but most people want an original character), especially not yourself, but if 당신 take little parts of different people and add in some of your own stuff, 당신 have a character! What follows is a list of 랜덤 character quirks that should hopefully inspire 당신 to start fleshing out your own character. 당신 can take things directly from the list, use it as a jumping point to come up with your own, 또는 just completely ignore it. I don’t care. Some of the quirks here (and the ones that you’ll come up with) might not even make it into your story. 당신 probably don’t need to mention that your character’s 가장 좋아하는 셔츠 is a red flowered 블라우스 from Target, 또는 that they always sleep in the fetal position, but things like that are good to decide, so that the character starts to feel real to you. Now time for me to shut up and get on with the list. ;)
50 랜덤 Character Quirk Ideas
Your character...
1. Loves a certain food, possibly to the point of an obsession 또는 fetish. (example: my character Aisling, and especially her genderbent form Ashton, LOVES grapes and 포도 popsicles.)
2. Taps his/her foot when bored 또는 nervous.
3. Has a Rubiks cube 또는 some other toy that he/she will often fidget with.
4. Likes to mess with 또는 deconstruct words and the English language. (example: Robin from Young Justice likes to take the prefixes off of words)
5. Always seems to have untied shoelaces.
6. Likes to go around barefoot whenever he/she can.
7. Always wears shorts, no matter the weather.
8. Likes to randomly burst out 노래 또는 narrate his/her actions in song. (example: 디즈니 princesses. I have actually met people in real life that do this, but not all the time and certainly not as loud 또는 accompanied 의해 a dance number and 노래 woodland creatures.)
9. Randomly wanders 또는 paces when bored, even at odd times (the middle of the night, in class, etc.)
10. Is good at braiding hair.
11. Has a very bouncy/springy walk.
12. 또는 a very dejected/shuffley walk, and tends to drag his/her feet.
13. Likes to sit on the arms of couches and chairs instead of the actual seat.
14. Has a 가장 좋아하는 comeback 또는 catchphrase that he/she always resorts to (“that’s what she said”, “or not”, etc.)
15. Refuses to curse, period. He/she may also get upset when others do.
16. Is a total grammar Nazi, in 글쓰기 and/or speaking.
17. Hates slang and corrects people who use it. 또는 당신 could go the other way around, and he/she always uses slang and informal language, even for formal occasions.
18. Tends to 우주 out while staring at someone.
19. Can do weird things with a part of his/her body (double-jointed).
20. Sees a dirty 또는 sexual reference in practically everything.
21. Accidentally makes innuendoes without realizing it.
22. Has a bad habit of winking without realizing it (example: Danisnotonfire made a video about this)
23. Is a hugger (or just generally a touchy-feely person).
24. Hates a certain color. (example: many characters seem to hate the color yellow, and my sister can’t stand pink.)
25. Can’t stand being hugged 또는 touched. This may lead to the character’s 프렌즈 teasing him/her 또는 trying to hug him/her anyway.
26. Is extremely ticklish.
27. Collects mundane 또는 unusual items (business cards, toothpicks, mutated candy, etc.)
28. Can’t 곰 to throw anything away.
29. Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects.
30. Always wears cheap sunglasses, even indoors.
31. Finds everything funny, and will laugh at every joke, even if the other characters (and the reader) don’t find it particularly humorous.
32. Always has to be snacking on something. (example: Wally from Young Justice. Of course, that’s due to his superspeed giving him an insanely high metabolism, but whatever.)
33. Is extremely gullible and falls for even the most obvious sarcasm.
34. Bites his/her nails when nervous.
35. Always has gum with him/her.
36. Likes to hide out in weird places (closets, under the 침대 또는 table, in a tree, etc.)
37. Can’t pour anything without spilling.
38. Can quote almost any movie 또는 TV show.
39. Has a stutter, lisp, 또는 other minor speech impediment. It’s a good idea to not write this out in dialogue, especially if it’s a lisp 또는 unusual accent, as it’s hard for readers to decipher what’s being said if everything is spelled funny.
40. Has an unusually deep 또는 high-pitched voice.
41. Owns 더 많이 pairs of shoes than other characters think is humanly possible. 또는 vice versa: he/she only owns one pair that he/she always wears, no matter the occasion.
42. Always has to borrow pens/pencils/paper, and doesn’t always give them back.
43. Always bumps into/knocks over things.
44. Knows a lot of useless trivia.
45. Is an extremely slow/fast walker. Or, he/she can never walk in a straight line and always manages to cut everyone off.
46. Always shreds things in his/her pocket 또는 on his/her lap (napkins, scraps of paper, etc.)
47. Always wears colorful, unique, 또는 mismatched socks.
48. Likes to use bad puns.
49. Hits on/flirts with every member of the opposite gender (or same gender...or both) even if he/she already is in a relationship. (example: Wally from Young Justice)
50. Always gets 인용구 and sayings mixed up.
Those are just a few of the quirks that your characters can have. Feel free to use these 또는 make up your own!

Stay whelmed,